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    Linux For the Rest of Us 2nd Edition by Mark Rais
    has been integrated into this web site

    Rais' goal of writing the second edition was to further encourage the mass migration to Linux and to help the OpenSource community.

    Rais had already donated 100% of the proceeds of his first edition to organizations helping the poor.

    Rais then decided to provide the second edition of his book Linux for the Rest of Us to the world for free using the ReallyLinux website. He is currently working on his sixth book tentatively titled: Rise of the Three World Powers. Please keep an eye out in all Barnes & Noble retailers next year.

    Linux can overcome many great socio/economic barriers. Mark Rais strongly believes that the information to help beginners productively use Linux should be available as broadly as possible.

    Therefore, Rais is no longer selling his book Linux for the Rest of Us 2nd Ed. and IS INSTEAD making it and many more articles available to you FREE on this website. To further promote Linux use, he also serves as a Freelance technology writer and continues to assist non-profit organizations in the U.S., Asia and in Africa.

    As for we focus on keeping the main thing the main thing.

    So what is our main thing at
    Encourage the use of Linux world wide by helping beginners

    Thank you for reading this far... you must either be bored, or a Linux fan! Now please go and enjoy the site!


    For our complete list of Linux articles, please visit our HELP PAGE.

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