United States as #1
for special US Holiday edition, Mark Rais Reallylinux.com senior editor

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Linux has come a long way, but it is unlikely that Linux could have spread so far, so fast without the key support and direct involvement of so many thousands in the United States of America.

Whether that be the Linux foundation, or Linux supportive sites like Freshmeat.net, or the great work of the Linuxconf volunteers, or the incredible number of men and women who help promote Linux through their LUGs.

I wanted to remind each and every American of a few important items about the United States.
By the late 1970s even coming off a war and massive oil price issues in mid-east these were the facts: 

Health Care #1
The United States was number 1 in health care research and development (my uncle flew TO Houston Texas from Europe to get his heart surgery BECAUSE the US health care capability was #1).

Information Technology #1
Even though the origin of Linux was in Europe, all major new ventures for technology originated in the US. I don't just mean the Microsofts but also the DELLs, the HPs, the IBMs, the INTERNET domain etc. The United States was number 1 in IT development and growth.

Business development #1
Every country I've been in and also have friends and colleagues in uses the concepts and the business methodologies derived in the US. I don't care if you're in Hong Kong, in Delhi, or in Cairo, the business models there find their origin in the United States and the US corporate structures. Whether good or bad, most of the world (not just the West) copied this model to grow capital and economies (including China and India). The United States was number 1 in business development.

Manufacturing #1
Before the great Japanese auto boom, the US was leading and kept the lead in a number of key industries, not just microprocessor manufacturing, but also airplane manufacturing (Airbus still has its problems), steel manufacturing (Pittsburgh was known for the quality of the steel not just the steel, only surpassed when quality didn't matter as much as price). The United States was number 1 in manufactured products for aircraft, boats, buildings, and microchips.

Volunteerism and philanthropy #1
If you do a comparison of the OEDC countries, you'll find that people in the US (individuals) are among the most generous in the world (United States provides annually over $50 billion in private capital flows to the developing world. This amounts to one-third of all international private capital flows to developing countries, and is still valid -- hudson.org stats) The United States was number 1 in private philanthropy.

I propose that nearly all the ingredients that made the US #1 in these areas in the past still exist -- within Americans. I submit to you that the character and capacity for the United States of American to be #1 remains..